26 January 2011

Inspected and passed carcasses are stamped in multiple locations. The inspection mark is unique to a given establishment. When you buy inspected retail products, you can identify where the item was last processed or manufactured from the USDA establishment number.


2 thoughts on “26 January 2011

  1. Our inspector needs a lesson in proper stamp application. It is not uncommon for him to make a mess out of our carcasses w/runny ink stamps. It does not make me happy. 😦

    Sidenote: Where’d you get the green ink? Ours in purple. Maybe your ink is better?

    • It goes on as that purply blue color … but our funny lights in the cooler makes it look like this. Plus, this was on an old cow with slightly yellow fat, so maybe that’s making it look greenish (?).

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