Special post about Flat Stanley’s Visit to our Plant

There are a variety of agriculture education opportunities for elementary schools students, such as Ag in the Classroom or 4-H.  Yet, many schoolchildren do not experience any such education except perhaps a trip to a “farm” that is in many ways an agricultural petting zoo.  About a month ago I received a Flat Stanley with instructions to take a photo of Flat Stanley with some sort of area landmark.  We are Penn State, so the Lion Shrine?  Nope.  I thought I would take the opportunity to let elementary school students visit a type of place they’ve probably never been, and might not ever visit.  Stanley, my camera and I visited a USDA-inspected slaughterhouse.

Janice has written a nice post about Stanley’s visit.  And, you can see a slideshow of what Stanley experienced at the bottom of that post.  If you know of someone with a Flat Stanley project and you think it would be a good experience for their Flat Stanley to visit our shop, send me an E-mail and we’ll work something out.


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