14 February 2011

This is cured and smoked pork Boston butt that has been sliced and layered. It sold as Cottage Bacon and is much leaner (is that better? worse? you decide...) than traditional bacon.


6 thoughts on “14 February 2011

    • Hi Justin — I like to this type of bacon on sandwiches like BLT’s. It’s leanness affects how “fryable” it is, and that really seems to effect the final flavor. I do like crispy bacon, and that sort of crispiness just isn’t as easy to get with Cottage Bacon. More of a difference in fat/mouthfeel (OMTB … on my taste buds)


  1. We also make a product but have been calling it “country bacon”. Is your term “cottage bacon” just a term that you use in house or is it a standardized term? never sure of the correct way to label these types of products.

    • Hi Mike — Fanciful can be a lot of fun, and also really confusing. What makes this “Texas” and that “Country”… Know what I mean? I guess I think of country (thinking along the lines of “country-style”) bacon as some sort of thick-sliced belly bacon and maybe not the shoulder product, akin to the naming of “Country Style Ribs.” But to your question … I’ve only ever seen this product referred to as Cottage Bacon.

  2. I’d love to try it sometime. Looks like i’ll be stopping by next time i’m in the area. My Dad just recently retired from Turner Dairy in Penn Hills and moved to KY not sure when but i’ll stop by soon. Can i get a private tour???

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