Special post: Yattle

What you're seeing here is a little out of the norm for our facility (and no, we won't be selling this to anyone). This is the ribeye roll of a "Yattle" (part yak, part cattle ... similar to how a mule is part donkey, part horse). It was part of an animal reproduction research project.


6 thoughts on “Special post: Yattle

    • I didn’t eat any of it. It was a custom sort of thing that just happened … didn’t even know they were coming through plant. Honestly, I just thought they were really under-finished grassfed carcasses when I saw them in the cooler.

  1. I haven’t heart of a Yattle before. Is this a new experiment the government is conducting? Is it in the market now? I see it tastes like grass. Ymmm. Greeen grass or Brown grass? I hear kentucky lue gass is the best. perhaps we could start a Yattle farm up therer. Seriously I would be interested in knowing if this is on the market .I remember once upon a time one of the ststes in the south west tried to market horse meat with no success.

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