This is cattle blood to which an anticoagulant has been added. It has been frozen and will eventually be used to feed a zoo's bat colony.


30 May 2011

And a pork chop as it should be for dinner. Not pictured: Brussels sprouts, zucchini, salad.

It’s Memorial Day, so I grilled up some of that ground beef from last week along with a bratwurst, some mushrooms and apsaragus for lunch! Not pictured: Salad.

Back online…

Hi folks… I’ve been disconnected from the interwebs for the last two weeks, visiting friends and farms in New Zealand.  In the spirit of this blog, I am posting photos of one of the most unusual displays I’ve ever seen.  It’s a 3-D, life-sized freezing works display right on the main street of a small town I visited.  I had some students take photos at the Meat Lab in my absence … they’ll be posted soon!

09 January 2010

The Farm Show Complex features many arenas and exhibit halls.

Purebred cattle that are registered with a breed association have pedigree papers which are matched to a tattoo in the ear. Tattoos often fade, so shining a flashlight behind the ear often makes the tattoo easier to read.