03 November 2011

Frenched racks of lamb for the sale tomorrow. The sale is operated by students in the Animal Science and Food Science departments.


31 August 2011

The aptly named "gut buggy" recently filled with the internal organs of what was a steer. The items on the upper tier are edible (we do sell heart, liver, and kidney), and can use others organs if needed in edible applications such as pet food. The items lower tier will be composted. We slaughter so few animals cleaning of tripe and other items is not generally feasible.

30 August 2011

Three steers move through the holding pens this morning -- they are in a circular space commonly referred to as a "crowding tub" used when funneling livestock into an alleyway (in this case the ramp leading to the abattoir). Carcasses will be used in class and the meat will be sold, blood will go to a zoo's bat colony, and inedible materials will be composted.